Happy World Foundation

creating a happier world

A Foundation for people wanting to contribute to this world
irrespective of their background & capabilities

Respect Mother Nature
And its Creation


Founded in 2013, Bangalore with an objective of CREATING A HAPPIER WORLD. We realized that Economic Prosperity does not bring us happiness.  Unless we respect Mother Nature & its Creation, we cannot be happy.

With our community projects, we intend to create an impact in the world such that we can influence people & Govt. to think in this direction.

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Song by Singer & Composer Karthik Raman

“I am dedicating a small song called ‘LakshyaVruksha’ for tree plantation, like you know Happy World Foundation is doing a lot of different things from providing food to the    needy, tree plantation….”

KARTHIK RAMAN – Singer & Composer

Our Nursery & Infrastructure

Tall Saplings

Drip Irrigation





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1% OF YOUR TIME ! Yes, you have to commit just 1% of your time to be a Karmayogi to execute our projects. Hence, neither your professional nor personal life is affected. Happiness & satisfaction is guaranteed.



Help us make this world a better place. All donations are eligible for availing 50% tax exemption u/s 80 G(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Permanent Account Number (PAN) AABTH1786M